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Introducing the Zero-G Stove: A versatile, ultra-light cooking system, that can all be neatly packed inside a camping cup. Designed for efficiency and adaptability, it works with both solid fuel and denatured alcohol. It’s perfect for boiling water on the go or preparing full camp meals, accommodating various pot sizes.


Ensuring Maximum Efficiency: Through extensive testing, we experimented with various pot heights to ensure maximum efficiency with the stoves. Additionally, the pots have been designed to sit slightly lower than the top of the wind-shields to prevent airflow underneath them.

Protection from the Elements: The wind-shield features air-holes positioned around a limited portion of its radius. Depending on the wind direction, the stove can be rotated to provide sufficient shielding from the wind while allowing for optimal airflow, ensuring efficient burning.

Accommodates Various Pot Sizes: To hang pots, the wind-shield uses three ’S’ clips, and is also compatible with tent pegs. On the move, these clips can be neatly stored away inside the tins.

Both methods accomodate a range of pot sizes with a minimum diameter of 50mm | 1.99” and a maximum diameter of 115mm | 4.5”.

Using Larger Pots: Pots with a diameter larger than 120mm can also be placed on top of the wind-shields. The curved cut-outs ensure sufficient exhaust airflow, so placing a larger pot on top will not decrease the stoves' efficiency.

Alcohol Stoves & Simmer Rings:

The Simmer Rings: A common limitation of many open-flame stoves is their inability to adjust the flame size. Our new titanium simmer rings address this issue by allowing for a reduced flame, offering more control over fuel consumption and providing additional cooking options.

Saving Fuel & Transportation: The graphite felt inserts and screw-lid design allow you to transport denatured alcohol inside the tin on the move, eliminating the need to pour excess fuel back into storage bottles.

Using with Solid Fuel: Our carbon fire cloths are designed to be easily removable, allowing the stove tins to also accommodate solid fuel tablets such as Hexamine Fuel Tablets, Trioxane Bars, and Esbit Tabs.

The tins act as a leak-proof tray, preventing spillage and ensuring the tablets stay in place for consistent flame positioning.

Stove Tin Materials: Constructed from steel-plated metal, the tins are not only extremely lightweight but also highly durable. These materials serve as excellent insulators, enhancing the stove's heat retention and boosting its overall efficiency.

Easily Extinguished: Unlike most open-flame stoves, the screw-lid design allows for easy extinguishing. Simply place the lid over the stove to snuff out the flame, conserving unused fuel.

Fuel Bottles:

Fuel Bottles: We've also included 30ml and 100ml capacity fuel bottles. Specifically designed for use with denatured alcohol. This bottle features a leak-proof design and a flip-top cap for easy, spill-free refilling of the stove.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Weight of Wind-Shields:
  • Weight of Alcohol Stoves & Felt Inserts:
  • Weight of Simmer Rings:
  • Weight of 3x ’S’ Clips:
  • Weight of Mesh Bag:
  • 30ml Fuel Bottles Weights:
  • 100ml Fuel Bottles Weights:
  • Minimum Diameter of Pots: 50mm | 1.99”
  • Maximum Diameter of Pots: 115mm (Unless placed on top)


1x Titanium Wind-Shields

1x 30ml Fuel Bottles

1x 100ml Fuel Bottles

1x Titanium Simmer Rings

3x Stainless Steel ’S’ Clips

1x 60ml Alcohol Stoves & Carbon Felt Inserts

1x Nylon Mesh Drawstring Bag