Maya Dust Shavings Tinder Tin

Maya Dust Shavings Tinder Tin

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    One of our first products, I remember sourcing and processing the tinder by hand! Luckily now we have a machine which makes things a little easier! We have also started infusing the shavings with wax. The combined wax and high resin content of up to 80% makes these shavings extremely flammable and water resistant!

    The Maya dust shavings are 100% natural. We sustainably source the fat wood from already felled Pine trees in the UK. This tinder is perfect for BBQs and cooking, no harmful chemicals are released. This tinder has a long burn time and processes a very hot flame, it will ignite damp even wet kindling.

    One tin includes enough tinder for multiple fires. The tinder comes in a sleek sliding lid Aluminium tin, embossed with our signature Forest Fundamentals logo. It is important to us our products look as good as they function!

    Maya dust is extremely simple to use. Simply, create a small pile of shavings on a piece of wood, bark or one of our tinder matts which will help insulate the shavings from the cold and wet ground. Then, position the rod at the base of the pile of shavings, throw down some sparks and you have fire! We recommend practicing fire-lighting using natural tinders so when push comes to shove, you know your skills can be relied upon.

    Main Features
    • 100% natural fire starter
    • Extremely flammable and slow burning
    • Ignites damp and wet kindling
    • Resistant to the elements, wind and water resistant
    • Perfect for BBQs and campfire cooking, no harmful chemicals
    • Perfect for use with Ferro rods, matches, and lighters
    • Great for practicing traditional fire lighting skills using natural tinders

    Technical Specifications
    • Materials: Pine shavings, wax, Aluminium
    • Dimensions (tinder tin): 105mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 15mm (D)