Fire Plugs Tinder Tin

Fire Plugs Tinder Tin

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    The ultimate all-weather fire starter, these fire plugs are guaranteed to get a fire started in all weather conditions. These plugs are a fire lighting machine, they are extremely slow burning and super resistant to the elements. The plugs will catch a flame using a ferro rod or match, even after being submerged in water!


    The process is simple. Simply fluff up one end using your Stealth Fire Striker™ or knife to increase its surface area and access to oxygen. Then, placing your rod at the base of the plug strike down and ignite! These plugs are extremely flammable and will catch even the smallest of sparks.

    These fire plugs are great for multiple day hikes or expeditions. In the field, you can conserve the tinder by splitting the plugs in half. With proper preparation, half a plug will provide ample fuel to get your fire started.  Each plug has an extremely long burn time off around 6 minutes. Producing a long and hot enough flame to ignite wet or damp kindling.

    The plugs come in a sleek sliding lid tinder tin embossed with the signature Forest Fundamentals™ logo

    It is important to use the products look as good as the functionKey Features

    Main Features

    •  Super resistant to wind and rain!

    •  Will ignite even after being submerged in water!

    • Long burn times, 6 minutes!
    • Can be cut down to conserve tinder
    • Perfect for multiple-day hikes or expeditions
    • Secured in Aluminium tinder tin
    • Perfect for use with ferro rod, matches or lighter

    Technical Specs

    • 20PCS fire plugs fire starters

    • Dimensions (1PCS plug): 30mm (L) x 10mm (W)

    • Materials: Densely packed wax infused cotton

    • Dimensions (tinder tin): 105mm (L) x 65mm (W) x 15mm (D)