Handmade Bushcraft

Amid increasing demand, it was always important to Elvis (company founder) that Forest Fundamentals™ stays true to its roots and carry on hand-making a few of our most popular handmade products. Many of our handmade products use cotton canvas and have been waterproofed using Martexin Original Wax. Martexin Original Wax is made using a blend of non-hazardous food-grade waxes. It gives the fabric lifelong resistance to weathering and as it ages, it develops a well-worn patina.

We take pride in our handmaking. In most products, we use Overlock double stitching for added strength and only quality components including solid Brass fixings, recycled plastic toggles, and 550 paracord lanyards, to name a few.

Artisan Tinder Pouch™


Artisan Forager Pouch™ | Folding Belt Pouch