Stealth Fire Strikers™ | Ultimate Ferro Rod Strikers
Stealth Fire Strikers™ | Ultimate Ferro Rod Strikers

Stealth Fire Strikers™ | Ultimate Ferro Rod Strikers

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    The number of product choices online can be overwhelming. A lot of companies claim to sell the most well-designed, most suitable product for you. During the design of the new Stealth Fire Striker™, we wanted to design something that was genuinely superior and not just a facade of clever branding! We feel we have been successful, here's why:


    To best explain the Stealth Fire Striker™ we thought it best to walk you through the design process.

    Fig 1. The old, inefficient serrated scraper has been replaced with a sharp straight-edged scraper which will make much faster work processing your tinder shavings!

    Fig 2. We also increased the width and thickness of the striker. We wanted to make sure the striker could be used as a prying tool without the risk of snapping. Also, the larger striker is a lot easier to grip in colder climates, especially when wearing gloves!

    Fig 3. One essential feature we had to keep was the bottle opener! Such a handy tool in the field, especially when sitting around camp!

    Fig 4. The Stealth Fire Striker™ also includes 4 hex bits. In the field or at home, you can’t go wrong with some extra hex bits! We also found they improved the strikers’ grip.

    Fig 5. The Stealth Fire Striker™ includes a heat-treated striking edge which is more durable. We also made it a little sharper to remove more material from your rods and produce more molten sparks!

    Fig 6. Feedback suggested nobody had much use for the ruler, at home or in the field so we replaced it with a sleeker matt black anti-scratch finish.

    Fig 7. This one is more personal preference, but we always felt before the logo looked a little ‘slapped' on. We have tried to properly integrate the signature FF logo into the striker this time, we hope you like it!

    Main Features

    • Straight-edged sharp tinder scraper & prying tool

    • Includes bottle opener & 4 hex bits

    • Heat-treated striking edge
    • Makes fast work processing tinder shavings

    • Easier to grip in cold climates

    • 3 years material and workmanship warranty

    Technical Specs

    • Material: heat-treated Stainless Steel

    • 4 hex bits sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12mm

    • Dimensions: 75mm / 2.95” (L) x 22mm / 0.86” (W) x 2mm / 0.07” (D)