Sling Hook Clips & Silencers | Multi-Purpose Clips

Sling Hook Clips & Silencers | Multi-Purpose Clips

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    The same design as the original German HK sling hook clips. An all-around solid multi-purpose clip, these will defiantly get the job done! For the clips, we have also added noise-canceling silencing tubes for increased stealth.


    These snap-on spring-loaded clips were originally designed as a sling hook for the German military. They fit most standard webbing sizes including 25mm / 1” (W) webbing. The springs ensure the clips will not fall off with use.

    Some of the HK clips out there are made from Aluminium. We manufacture ours using steel for added durability and strength. From feedback, we found that these clips were especially noisy, especially when clipped onto metal gun mount points, keychains & bags. So we started making removable slid-on silencing tubes. The tubes prevent this rattling for increased stealth. The silicone silencers will not degrade in wet or humid conditions.

    Main Features

    • Same design as original German HK sling-hook clips

    • Fit most standard webbing sizes, including 25mm / 1” (W) webbing

    • Spring-loaded clips, will not fall off with use

    • Includes noise silencing removable tubes

    • A solid multi-purpose clip

    • 3 years material and workmanship warranty

    Technical Specs

    • Materials: Steel, Silicone

    • 2CS HK clips

    • Fits 25mm / 1” (W) webbing

    • 4PCS silencing tubes

    • Dimensions: 

    • Weight (1PCS HK clip):