Stidekick Stove
Stidekick Stove
Stidekick Stove
Stidekick Stove
Stidekick Stove
Stidekick Stove
Stidekick Stove
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Stidekick Stove

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    Meet our updated Sidekick Stove! Rigorously designed and tested in the field to be lightweight, compact, indestructible and super functional. The Sidekick Stove is now also available in 203 Stainless Steel.

    • The Sidekick Stove has been designed to carefully manage airflow. It protects the fire from the elements, while providing enough oxygen for a strong and stable fire. This makes cooking in all weather conditions possible. The precision-engineered frame is easily strong enough for boiling large amounts of water.

    • Being collapsible, it is easily stored in your backpack, perfect for camping or hiking. We have made the assembly as simple as possible, very important for those colder expeditions! Once lit, it will warm you up in no time!

    • Extremely lightweight! The Sidekick Stove is available in both Titanium and Stainless Steel. Both materials are precision-engineered, extremely strong, and heat-proof. The Titanium stove weighs only 9oz and the 304 Stainless Steel stove weighs 15oz. Both materials are food-grade - no harmful chemicals will be released.

    • Very reliable! Say goodbye to heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuels! Being a wood-fuelled stove, the fuel is free and always to hand.
    No fuel canisters are required, making it more environmentally friendly than its counterparts.

    • The Handmade Pouch: We handmake the pouches using 16oz canvas. The pouch is extremely durable and will last a lifetime!
    We waterproof the pouches using Martexin Original Waterproofing Wax. The Martexin wax is made using a friendly blend of food-grade waxes and is completely non-hazardous. It gives the fabric a lifelong resistance to weathering and as the fabric ages, it develops a well-worn patina. The sleeve also doubles as a functional tinder pouch.

    • Carefully manages airflow - makes cooking possible in all weather conditions.
    • Extremely strong and durable precision-engineered frame
    • Super lightweight! Titanium (9oz) and Stainless Steel (15oz)
    • Includes a handmade 16oz waxed canvas sleeve
    • Food-grade, heat-treated, anti-corrosive Titanium and 304 Stainless Steel
    • Assembled dimensions: 5.51" (140mm) (W) (at square base) x 4.52" (115mm) (W) (at square top)

    The SideKick Stove was designed and tested in the field to ensure it meets our core standards of practicality, durability & aesthetics. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! This would make the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys bushcraft or spending time in the great outdoors. This product is extremely long-lasting and would make a unique gift to keep and remember!