Stealth Fire Starter | Tinder Wick & Bellow | Stealth Striker

Stealth Fire Starter | Tinder Wick & Bellow | Stealth Striker

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    Our current best-seller, our new Stealth Fire Starter is the first of its kind. From the start, our mission was to design an all-inclusive compact and lightweight fire starter, that would simplify fire-lighting in all-weather conditions and altitudes, making it as efficient and dependable as possible. We feel we have been successful, here's why:

    • The rod is: 3.9" (100mm) (L) x 0.39" (10mm) (W). The large rod allows for 20,000 strikes. Imagine how many matches you would need to light 20,000 fires! The Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™ produces large showers of molten hot sparks at 3,000º C (5,500º F).

    • Parrifin-Wax infused Hemp Wick dimensions: 15" (381mm) (L) x 0.23" (6mm) (W) One wick has a burn time of 1.2hours. A greater combined cumulative burn time of two Bic lighters! The wicks are extremely water and wind-resistant as a result of the infused wax.

    • Everything is secured within a sleek, lightweight anodised aluminum sleeve that weighs only... The Stealth stays cool to the touch and also doubles as a micro pocket bellows. As the Native American saying goes: "Take care of a fire when it is young, it will take care of you when it is large".

    • All secured with 550 military-grade survival paracord (Dimensions) that includes strands of copper wire, fishing line, waxed jute, and parachute cord. The cord has a range of uses in the field including repairing shoelaces, fishing, snares, shelter building, etc.

    • The rod is made from our unique blend of Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium™, an industry leader - we believe we have developed the perfect balance between softness and durability.

    • The process: Using the Stealth Striker, fluff up one end of your wick and and ignite it using the ferro rod. Then, move the flame to wherever you need it. To extinguish the flame, simply pull the wick back through the bellows chamber. This works by cutting off the flames access to oxygen. If your fire needs some attention, pull out the wick, and blow through the micro bellow. The ferro rod can also be removed. 

    • This is the perfect all-inclusive fire starter, a must-have for outdoors people that value simplicity, functionality, and ease of use. Remember to grab a tinder refill pack!

    What is a ferrocenium rod?

    Ferrocenium rods or fire-steels are one of the most influential innovations in outdoor products. They are extremely reliable. Unlike matches or lighters, they very rarely break and do not require any fuel. They are 100% water and windproof and will light fires at any altitude, making them the perfect survival tool.

    Fire steels are a blend of ferrocerium, a synthetic alloy that produces hot sparks due to a rapid oxidation process that occurs when you strike the rod. We believe our unique blend of Forest Fundamentals Ferrocerium™ is an industry leader. It produces showers of molten sparks. We have developed the perfect balance between softness and durability. There is a reason Forest Fundamentals has set a new industry standard for ferrocerium rods!

    This would make the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys bushcraft or spending time in the great outdoors.
    This product is extremely long-lasting and would make a unique gift to keep and remember!

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