Bushcraft Fire Kit | 500D Nylon Tinder Pouch

Bushcraft Fire Kit | 500D Nylon Tinder Pouch

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    A complete, lightweight kit for all-weather fire-lighting

    What does this kit include?

    Ferro Rod & Striker
    • The large 80mm (L) x 10mm (W) ferrocenium rod produces a large shower of molten sparks at 3,000º C (5,500º F) and allows for 15,000 strikes. Imagine how matches you would need to light 15,000 fires!
    • All of our ferro rods are made from our unique blend of Forest Fundamentals Ferrocenium, an industry leader - we believe we have developed the perfect balance between softness and durability.
    • Includes a 6-function striker which also functions as a bottle opener, a handy bonus feature when sat around your campfire!

    Telescopic Stainless Steel Fire Bellows
    • An ancient fire-starting technology moulded into a modern stainless steel telescopic hand tool.
    • The fire bellows extends to 48cm and collapses to 9.5cm and weighs only 25g.
    • It is manufactured in the UK from stainless steel.
    • Particularly useful for fire-lighting in wet conditions. It helps focus the oxygen at the heart of the fire.
    • As the native American saying goes: "If you take care of the fire when it is small, it will take care of you when it is large"

    Canvas Pouch
    • Made using waterproof military-grade 800D nylon. It doubled as the perfect tinder belt pouch, making it easier to collect tinder on the move.
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