Which ferro rod is best? What is the difference between our fire starters?

by Elvis Jai Closs on July 17, 2021

Which ferro rod is best? What is the difference between our fire starters? 

Honestly, this question is largely dependant on your personal preference. It is not which ferro rod is best, but which rod is best for you, and your specific requirements.

All of our ferro rods have been designed and developed for different applications, so let's get straight to it, and pick which rod is best for you! It’s useful to quickly mention, all of our rods, except the SideKick Fire Starters, come with our Stealth strikers. You can read a bit more about them in detail here!

Stealth Fire Starter
One of our most recent releases, this fire starter is our all-time favorite. It includes a large, but not ridiculously big 100mm (L) x 12.7mm (W) rod contained within a sleek anodized aluminum sleeve that doubles as a micro pocket bellows. The bellows hold a paraffin wax infused hemp wick (6mm x 15”) that is waterproof and windproof and has over one hour of cumulative burn time which is equivalent to a Bic™ lighter. This is the perfect all-inclusive fire starter, a must-have for outdoors people that value simplicity, functionality, and ease of use.

Artisan Fire Starter
One of the first Forest Fundamentals rods ever to be released. The Artisan has stood the test of time, and is a perfect all-round fire starter and is available in three thicknesses - 8,10,12mm. The Artisan is perfect for outdoors people who value more traditional style gear. The handles are made using hardwood that has been oiled and sanded by hand. The lanyard is made using genuine 4mm thick cowhide leather cord. The Artisan Fire Starter also includes a piece of natural fatwood, a piece of resinous wood, known for being the ultimate natural fire starter. A great gift for those new to bushcraft, looking to master more traditional fire-craft skills.

Beast Fire Starter
Our Beast Fire Starter is a fire-lighting machine and will make quick work of igniting your tinder bundle in all weathers. If we were going to be in the wilderness for an extended period of time, it would be a close call between the Beast and the Stealth. It is available in two lengths - 4/8”. The thick (12.7mm) rod allows for 20,000 strikes. The Beast is for people who are serious about their fire-craft and don’t want to take any risks. The Beast is also perfect for beginners - no handle, and the large striking distance makes it very easy to use.

Hive Fire Starter | 

Hexagonal Rod
Our Hexagonal Fire Starters are not your typical rounded rod. The six, flat sides result in more contact area, meaning more molten hot sparks! It comes In two sizes, slightly smaller than the Beast it is available in lengths of 3/6”. This is perfect for all ferro rod junkies who just want to try something new! And those outdoors people that are serious about fire-craft and don’t mind the extra weight.

SideKick Fire Starter
Our SideKick Fire Starter Necklace is our smallest ferro rod. It is the perfect fire-starter for everyday carry. It is not the ablest fire starter we make but it will definitely get the job done in any survival situation. It is the perfect backup fire starter, you won’t notice it till you need it the most! It is perfect for backpackers, EDC enthusiasts, or any outdoors person looking for a backup fire starter.

SideKick Starter Set
A slightly larger version of the original SideKick Fire Starter, the SideKick Fire Starter Set offers a more capable backup fire starter that can be worn around your neck. Again, you won’t notice it's there till you need it most! It is perfect for backpackers, EDC enthusiasts, or an outdoors person looking for a backup fire starter.

These days, no matter what product you are looking to buy, in every industry the choices are overwhelming. With everyone claiming to have the best, most well-suited product for you, it’s hard to filter out the rubbish. At Forest Fundamentals’ we can genuinely say we have tested an insane amount of rods, and are confident we sell some of the best fire starters available.

Unlike our competitors, we do not outsource our rods from larger suppliers. We have spent years developing our own unique blend of Forest Fundamentals Ferrocerium™. Our ferrocerium rods produce large showers of molten sparks. We have worked hard to develop what we believe is the perfect balance between softness and durability. Our full range of fire starters is available here.

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