Stainless Steel vs Titanium

by Elvis Jai Closs on July 13, 2021

All of our cookware systems are available in both 304 stainless steel and titanium, but which material is best suited to your needs? Using our Sidekick Stove as an example, we will outline some of the material differences and who we think they are best suited for. But, at the end of the day, it is all personal preference!

Stainless Steel Benefits

• Cost effective: Stainless-Steel is cheaper than titanium. For example, our stainless steel stove costs £34.94 Compared to its titanium counterpart which costs £24.95

• Retains heat: After the fire has burnt out in the stove, stainless steel will retain heat for longer compared to titanium. A useful feature, if you are using the stove to keep warm after the fire has been extinguished.

Titanium Benefits

• Lightweight: Titanium is up to 50% less dense than stainless steel which makes it extremely lightweight. For example, the titanium SideKick Stove weighs only 9oz (including canvas sleeve) Compared to its stainless steel counterpart that weighs only 15oz (including canvas sleeve). 

• Fast Cooling: Titanium is very fast to cool, it cools 60% faster than stainless steel

• Fast Heating: Titanium is also very fast to heat up, it heats up 60% faster than stainless steel.

• Better heat resistance: Titanium is highly resistant to fatigue caused by fluctuating changes in temperature. 

Material Similarities

• Corrosion resistance: Both materials are extremely resistant to corrosion and completely nontoxic to the human body

• Superior strength: While titanium is less dense than stainless steel, it is just as strong as stainless steel. Which makes titanium one of the strongest metals per unit mass.

Who is the titanium Sidekick Stove best suited for? 

• Titanium cookware systems are the perfect choice for those outdoors people looking to keep their gear as lightweight as possible. There are many reasons for reducing the weight including: physical limitations, ability to travel faster over greater distances, or simply personal preference.

• Titanium also heats and cools up to 60% faster than stainless steel. This is perfect if you are wanting a quick hot drink on the move, or if you are desperately hungry and cold looking cook as fast as possible!

Who is the stainless steel Sidekick Stove best suited for? 

• Stainless steel cookware systems have been available for years, they are a solid option for the average outdoor enthusiast. They are more cost-effective, extremely durable and with proper care, your stainless steel gear will last a lifetime!

Our Cookware Systems range can be viewed here and our Sidekick Stove here. 

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