Ferro Rods Vs Matches - Which is better?

by Elvis Jai Closs on July 17, 2021

The ability to light a fire is essential, fire will keep you warm and provide the means to cook, clean, tool-making, sanitising water, signaling, and even keep away insects. Your choice of fire lighting gear is therefore essential to not just your survival, but your whole outdoor experience.

• Resistant to the elements: Unlike a lot of disposable lighters, most survival matches are waterproof and windproof. This is great for the harsh weather conditions where you probably need fire the most! However, my my own experience waterproof matches will burn very fast, so make sure you have your tinder ready!
• Simplicity: Unlike lighters for example, matches have no components or mechanics which makes them extremely dependable. Although, some cheaper matches can snap or not light properly. 
• Strike anywhere: Many survival matches are designed to be lit in the environment, on a rock for example, which makes them extremely versatile.
• Resistant to the cold: Unlike lighters for example, which will not work in freezing temperatures as the fuel won’t flow through the lighter properly. Matches will ignite regardless of the external temperature.


Ferro Rods

• Resistant to the elements: Unlike matches, or even survival matches ferro rods are completely water and wind-proof. They can be submerged in water for hours and would still function the same. 

• Simplicity: Unlike matches, there is no risk of a ferro rod snapping or a match striking stripe waring away. Ferro rods also last a lot longer, our Stealth Fire Starter, for example allows for 20,000 strikes. Imagine how many matches you would need for 20,000 fires! 

• Suitable for all climates: Like matches, ferro rods provide a reliable fire source in all climates and altitudes.

• Doesn't produce a flame: However, the only drawback with a ferro rod is that it doesn't produce a naked flame, only sparks. This just means your tinder needs a little more processing so that it catches the sparks. However, with a quality ferro rod and some practise this won't prove to be a problem in the slightest. 


In my experience the benefits of a ferro rod make it a better option than matches for use the outdoors. Ferro rods are simply indestructible, and last a lifetime! However, the only drawback being that they do not produce a naked flame, which makes it tricky to light candles, cigarettes, etc. We recognised this issue in the design of our Stealth Fire Starter, we wanted to design a complete fire starter that could be depended on when you need it most. Our Stealth Fire Starter comes with waterproof, waxed-infused tinder wicks that produce a strong naked flame. These bad boys will burn for hours and will light your kindling right off the bat.

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